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As a product designer at Leland, I embarked on a transformative journey to redefine online learning experiences for individuals seeking to pursue academic endeavors, prepare for tests, or advance in their careers. At the intersection of education and technology, I played a pivotal role in shaping Leland’s innovative platform to empower learners and unlock their full potential.


One of the core challenges I faced was how to improve and streamline the coach sign up process. We needed to think through the appropriate information needed from coaches in order to better match them with prospective clients. I took what was working in the current onboarding and iterated off of that and included new questions and fields in the new design.


Another challenge I faced was the creation of the navigation system on Leland+ which is a library of helpful content for subscribed users. After speaking with various members of the team and current users, I learned that it was important to the users to be able to navigate between different categories of content quickly. This caused me to re-think how the navigation is set up. I created a sub-nav bar with the capability of a global search, category selection, and bookmarked content. This allowed users to jump from screen to screen and have all of their desired content easily available to them.


The journey of designing for Leland was characterized by a commitment to continuous iteration and improvement. Through user testing, analytics insights, and feedback loops, I iteratively refined and optimized the platform to address evolving user needs and preferences. Whether it was optimizing the onboarding experience, fine-tuning course recommendations, or enhancing collaboration features, every design decision was driven by data and user feedback.


In summary, my role as a product designer at Leland was defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence in crafting user-centric learning experiences. By leveraging UX principles, personalization strategies, and a commitment to accessibility, I’m proud to have contributed to Leland’s mission of democratizing education and empowering learners worldwide.

Leland ā€“ Product design for a online coaching company

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