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UI/UX Web design

As a Senior Designer at Breakout Studio, I led the charge in transforming our online presence into a dynamic showcase of our creativity and expertise. Tasked with revitalizing our website from a mundane digital space to an engaging platform that captivated potential clients, I approached the project with a strategic focus on user experience (UX) and client impact.


The goal wasn’t merely to make our website aesthetically pleasing but to strategically leverage design elements to highlight our portfolio and attract new clients. Drawing inspiration from feedback gathered from both current and former clients, every design decision was driven by the desire to create an impactful and memorable user experience.

Key Features:

  1. Bold Visual Identity: The Breakout Studio website underwent a dramatic visual transformation, shedding its bland facade for a bold and vibrant aesthetic that reflected our agency’s creative spirit. From vivid color schemes to dynamic typography, every element was carefully curated to leave a lasting impression on visitors.
  2. Interactive Portfolio Showcase: Central to the redesign was the overhaul of our portfolio section. Leveraging innovative UX elements we showcased our projects in a visually compelling manner that allowed potential clients to explore our work in depth.
  3. Client-Centric Approach: Feedback from clients was invaluable in shaping the redesign process. By listening to their insights and understanding their needs, we tailored the website to address key pain points and highlight the aspects of our work that resonated most with our audience. This client-centric approach not only enhanced user engagement but also fostered stronger connections with potential clients.
  4. Streamlined Navigation: Recognizing the importance of intuitive navigation, I redesigned the website’s information architecture to ensure seamless navigation and easy access to key content. Through clear call-to-action buttons, simplified menus, and strategic placement of content, we guided visitors through their journey on the website, ultimately leading them to contact us or explore our services further.
  5. Responsive Design: In today’s mobile-centric world, ensuring a seamless experience across devices is paramount. I implemented a responsive design approach, optimizing the website for various screen sizes and devices to guarantee a consistent and engaging user experience regardless of the platform used.

By infusing intentionality and client-driven insights into every aspect of the redesign process, the Breakout Studio website emerged as more than just a digital showcase—it became a powerful tool for attracting and engaging clients, elevating our brand presence, and showcasing our passion for creativity and innovation.

Breakout Studio – A refreshed web experience to showcase exceptional case studies.

Hi I’m Chandler 👋

My experience in product and brand design helps me to solve complex problems, tell interesting stories, and create compelling experiences.

When I am not designing, you can catch me on my mountain bike shredding intense peaks, or in the salty sea surfing mediocre waves.